1. The sale of the whole booked period is to take place himself to the arrival previous taking vision of the places and recording of the documents, you can be done cash, with banking or circular check, with the automatic teller machine.

  2. The assignment of the lodgings is effected to unquestionable judgment of the Direction. The assigned destination cannot be modified for some motive.

  3. The lodgings have been being available for the hours 17.00 of the day of arrival and you must be leaves free within and not over the hours 10.00 of the day of departure. You begs to respect such schedules.

  4. For the payment of the consummations in the cafe, to the restaurant, you purchase him to the bazaar, the purchase of newspapers, the use of the CREDIT CARD is obligatory, one enrolls rechargeable purchasable to the cafe or in reception. N.B. When you finish holyday the sale remainder will be indemnified previous it redelivers of the Card.

  5. The postings beach of an umbrella, a bunk and one I lay down, for every housing unity they are absolutely assigned by the Direction. The first line is not guaranteed.

  6. During the recording the gentlemen you entertain you will be furnished of a bracelet of recognition in vinyl to wear for the whole period of stay.

  7. The entry of any visitors must be authorized by management after delivery of documents and payment after the two-hour stay of € 7.00 per person plus any parking € 5.00 per day. In any event, guests can not use the swimming pool, gym, TV room and entertainment activities in general.