1. The delay of an only day from that expectation of arrival, without the estimate warning, constitutes renouncement to the whole booked period.

  2. Who was forced to abdicate the reserved stay it will have the right to the total reimbursement of the deposit (with deduction of the postal expenses) only if the renouncement will be communicated at least 60 days before the beginning of the stay. After such it dates the followings deductions you will be effected on the versed quotas in deposit:

    • 30%; from 60° a 30° day before the beginning of the stay.

    • Any reimbursement is due to whom had to communicate the renouncement over the 30° day before the beginning of the stay.

  3. The communications for the renouncements will be only takings in consideration if you effect to half telegram or recommended letter, for the terms it does faith the postal stamp.